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Frequently Asked Questions


Do we need to do Smart Moves in Year 6 and Year 7?

Smart Moves Year 6 & 7 are complimentary but different programmes. If you have it in your school encourage your counterpart school to get involved, but they can be run separately.

Can I use Smart Moves for just a specific group of students?

Some schools will target a group of students they are concerned about, you can do this but we advise that you take a whole class approach. This is because all students benefit from peer learning and because you never know what a young person may face. All of us will benefit from learning resilience skills.

How can I pay?

If you have a credit or debit card you can pay directly on this site, if you require an invoice please contact us at

How does shipment work?

We have added the cost of delivery into the cost you pay so there are no additional charges, we use a fulfilment company who will package up your books and deliver them to you. Currently delivery is only free for orders of fewer than 50 packs within the UK.

Why can I only buy in packs of 32?

Smart Moves came from The Eikon Charity's work with schools. We wanted to keep costs as low as possible so that as many schools who want to could access the materials. Sending out a set number of books helps keep them affordable.